CAB Costruzioni Aeronautiche Bertola was established in 1987 by the Bertola twin brothers. Its first activity was to provide MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) and GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for the Italian aviation industry.

From the beginning, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining  has been the main activity, but CAB soon took the challenge to expand its core business to adapt to the growing demand.

By the year 2004, CAB started opening to new markets and became the strategic supplier of important foreign customers such as Sonaca; CAB became Airbus certified through Sonaca, supporting some of its major programs. In 2010, CAB invested in new manufacturing facilities for Special Processes such as Chemical Processing/Surface Treatments, Primer Application & Paint and Fusion Welding.

CAB bought MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in 2014, a software implemented to reduce scrap and waste, contain costs, increase uptime and enhance scheduling and visibility. In 2016, after a continuous investment focused on improving the products and technologies, CAB decided to refresh its image, changing the logo and motto, but more importantly, moving the production and offices to the current 3.000 square meters headquarters in Venice.